My first Stitch Fix

*This is not an affiliate post. But, I honestly love this service so much and believe that my readers will too. Since I look forward to using this service again, this post does contain referral links that may provide me with a credit towards another "fix" in the future. Enjoy!

What is Stitch Fix?
Stitch Fix is an online shopping experience where a personal stylist will send you 5 items of clothing/accessories {a fix} based on your personal preferences. You are able to try everything on before you buy. Returning the items that you decide not to purchase is free and easy! The service charges only a $20 styling fee, which is absorbed into the total cost of any purchase you decide to make. If you buy all five items in your fix, you receive a 25% off discount on the entire order.

Why I love Stitch Fix.
Let me start by saying that this service is amazing! If you are an introvert who avoids the mall because you can't stand the crowds, if too many style options overwhelm you, or if you think shopping has turned into an Olympic event with two screaming children attached to your body, this service will change your life. I have had only one "fix" so far and I can't stop recommending Stitch Fix to my family and friends.

The top 3 reasons why Stitch Fix rocks:
1. You are able to try on the outfits in the comfort of your own home, on your own time and in realistic lighting conditions.
2. You avoid the mall craziness. No crowds, no fighting for parking, no screaming children to force you to abandon your shopping mission.
3. You have a personal stylist - an actual human, not just a robot - who selects clothes for you based on your personal profile and helps you to define your style. C'mon now, celebrities use personal stylists and now you can too!

How it works.
The process is easy!

First, create an account on Stitch Fix.

Second, take a quiz to determine your style profile. Your personal stylist will use this information to send you items based on your measurements and preferences. They will also choose items for you based on your Pinterest style board, so pin away! Building your Pinterest style board is like online "window shopping" and adds to the fun.

Third, schedule a fix. Choose a day that you want your items to arrive. You will only have three business days to look over your items, so don't schedule a fix during a time when you will be too busy to try things on or to remember to return what you do not want. When ordering a fix, you will have an opportunity to write a personal note to the stylist. I highly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity and be very specific about what you expect. For example, in my fix, I asked for clothes that can take me from the end of summer through fall. I specifically requested that I wanted my fix to include two tops, two bottoms and a dress. It was exactly what I received.

My experience using Stitch Fix.
Receiving a box from Stitch Fix feels like Christmas! You know it's coming but you don't know what you are going to get. On fix day, I was so excited to check the mail and could not wait to get the kids to bed so that I could try everything on.

When I opened the box, the first thing I looked for was the styling card, which included a personal note from the stylist.

The note was a nice touch, but after checking out the styling suggestions, I'll admit that I was not impressed. It was almost disappointing, like being the kid who got the socks instead of the Red Ryder BB gun that they asked for. "You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

It felt like the stylist didn't understand the look that I was going for.  But I tried the clothes on anyway and that is when things really turned around!

Here is the rundown of what I received:

 Hillway Button Front Tank - Keep

Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt - Keep

Level 99 Sandy Boot Cut Jean - Keep

Pixley Darcy Weave Jersey T-Shirt Dress - Return

RD Style Rory Faux Leather Front Legging- Return

After trying everything on, I knew that I wanted to keep the tank, the shirt, and the jeans, but the 25% off discount was VERY tempting.

I was tired and weak. My inner shopaholic tried to convince me that if I bought the dress and the leggings too, I would be saving money. I would get the remaining two items - a value of over $100 - for only $35!

But in the end, I wasn't in love with the dress and the leggings didn't fit quite right. I texted my cousin for a second opinion and she talked sense into me - Don't buy clothes just because of a deal since you will probably never wear them. So the next day, I returned the items in the prepaid return envelope, used the online checkout process to provide Stitch Fix with feedback and Voila! I had a couple of new outfits that I desperately needed.

Besides, the money that I didn't spend buying the whole box can now be used towards my next fix...

So, if you are like me and could use a new outfit or two without the headache and hassle of finding clothes for yourself at the mall or online, by all means please Try Stitch Fix Here and let me know what you think!


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